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How do I make my first Subscription order?

YAY! How exciting to think that you'll always have a freezer stocked full of Daring and never have to worry about reordering. ⚡️

Please follow below to place your first Subscribe and Save order! (Visual guidance below)

  1. Make sure you have an account with us -> https://daring.com/account/login - you can keep track of your orders there 📝 
  2. Now you're ready to order! Go to https://daring.com/collections/all or directly to https://www.daring.com/subscribe 🌱🍗
  3. Identify the products that you'd like to be on your repeat order (tough decisions)! 🤔 
  4. Choose "Subscribe and Save" instead of single order 
  5. Notice how on each order you'll be saving 10% off! 🥳
  6. You can ALWAYS adjust the frequency on the order to account for Daring (breakfast, lunch and dinner)  😋
  7. Add to cart and repeat with other flavors and quantities you'd like
  8. Check out Daring recipes while you wait for your order! 

For any questions, text us at 1-855-UNCLUCK (855-862-5825) 📱


Checkout module on product page

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