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We made a bigger tender with the same taste and texture for even more delicious possibilities! Find them in the refrigerated aisle.


How do I store Fresh Tenders? How long are they good for?

Uncooked shelf life in the refrigerator is 14 days for Daring Tenders, although please always reference the sell by date from your grocer.After cooking, the refrigerated shelf life is 4 days.

Can I store uncooked Fresh Tenders in the freezer so that they last longer?

No, we do not recommend freezing Daring Tenders, even uncooked.

What is the difference between Daring Tenders and Daring Original Pieces?

Daring Tenders are nearly identical to Daring Original Pieces. The only differences are size of the pieces and where you will find them in your local grocery store! Daring Tenders are larger in size to give you even more ways to incorporate Plant Chi

Where can I buy Daring Tenders?

You can find Daring Tenders at select Sprouts, Erewhon, New Seasons, and Dierbergs grocery stores across the US. Check out our store locator and sort by product to find a location near you. 📍

Since they’re not frozen, can I eat them without cooking them?

No, all Daring products need to be fully cooked to an internal temperature of 165°F before consuming.

How do I cook Daring Tenders?

To cook Daring Tenders, preheat a sauté pan on medium heat for 1 minute. Then add a light coating of vegetable oil and place tenders into pan. Cook for 5-6 minutes until pieces are brown and heated throughout to 165°F, turning over the pieces halfway